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Public Sector

Deploy Safety and Productivity with Secure, Robust Automation

In critical, volatile situations, such as military operations or emergency responses, there is no margin for error. The United States military, police, and first responders need to evaluate and plan the appropriate course of action before they arrive on the scene.

Declining budgets and increasing demand for services test the efficiency of government organizations on a daily basis. Instant communication on the status of equipment inventory and information systems enables wiser decisions to be made in and out of theater, and enables responses to be made quickly and effectively.

Demands for greater levels of security and more scrutiny over waste are crucial initiatives. There is a constant search for solutions that enable more to be done with less, and solutions that significantly increase visibility of operations.

Intermec, now with hands-free voice-enabled solutions from Vocollect, provides systems definition, design, and overall logistics management from military deployment operations to on-going support for critical public service applications. Intermec and its partners enable Federal Agencies and State and Local Governments to create better processes around their operations, assets and service deliveries.

Intermec's experience and expertise take clients from concept to reality, quickly and efficiently. Intermec stands with the customer long after system installation – helping to ensure continuing high levels of performance and satisfaction.

To learn more about real-world Intermec applications in the government marketplace, please view our white paper and case study listings.

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  • Criminal Justice
    Criminal Justice »
    Intermec wireless devices provide law enforcement with essential on-site data. Real-time access to vital information is critical within Criminal Justice applications.
  • e-Citation Solutions
    e-Citation Solutions »
    Electronic-citation systems enable organizations to simultaneously increase the number of citations issued while reducing the time needed to create and process them. Intermec e-Citation applications also improve citation accuracy, and therefore collections.
  • First Response
    First Response »
    Every day, emergency service personnel face the challenge of keeping citizens safe and secure. Intermec provides rugged products for First Response teams across the globe.
  • Public Safety
    Public Safety »
    Intermec's tracking and deployment solutions allow frontline workers within Public Safety access to vital asset information.
  • Public Service and Logistics
    Public Service and Logistics »
    Intermec logistics solutions help agencies manage equipment and vehicle maintenance needs. Intermec's solutions are perfect for Public Services and Logistics.
  • In-Transit Visibility
    In-Transit Visibility »
    Intermec's automated data collection and wireless systems provide accurate information and real-time data access from anywhere and everywhere.
  • Maintenance and Repair
    Maintenance and Repair »
    Intermec facilitates maintenance and repair operations by putting all the information technicians need directly in their hands. Or enable them to work hands-free – faster and with greater accuracy – using Intermec’s Vocollect Voice solutions.

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